Apple iPhone 15 is going to be made available in India in congruence with its global launch for the first time starting at ₹79,900.

The pre-order date set for iPhone 15 have been set for September 15, and the official sales set to commence from September 22. This launch marks the first iPhone release after the inauguration of Apple’s official stores in Delhi and Mumbai.

The iPhone 15 series includes, iPhone 15, iPhone 15 plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 pro max. The iPhone 15 Plus series with the 128 GB model starts at ₹89,900, the 256 GB variant at ₹99,900, and the extensive 512 GB version priced at ₹1,19,900.

High prices in India

Although, experts watching the smartphone manufacturing space are jubilant, iPhones are being sold at a much higher markup in India, in comparison to other markets around the world.

To put this in perspective — in the US, prices start at $799 (₹66,242) for the iPhone 15 128 GB and go up to $1,199 (₹92,772) for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. In Dubai, iPhone 15 starts at Dh 3,399 (₹76,719).

Experts believe that Apple is purposefully driving up selling price of iPhones in India, even as the Centre’s subsidies to make iPhones in India, have reduced the manufacturing costs of the phone.

Faisal Kawoosa of TechArc explained, “it is unlikely that the cost of manufacturing for iPhones in India, differs from other parts of the world. However, given the limited purchasing power of most Indians, iPhones continue to be a luxury product. Apple is positioning iPhone 15 as such.”