In 2010, a group of small farmers in Nashik formed the Sahyadri Farmers’ Producer Company Ltd with a shared purpose of safeguarding their agricultural prospects. Today, the FPC has reported a turnover of Rs 1,007 crore for the 2022-23 fiscal year, registering a 28 per cent growth compared to the previous year. 

Vilas Shinde, Chairman and Managing Director of Sahyadri Farms, shared this financial update with more than 2,000 farmer members, directors and employees at the company’s 13th annual general meeting (AGM) held recently. 

Situated in Mohadi, Nashik, Sahyadri Farms has come a long way from the turnover of Rs 13 crore it had reported in 2012. Additionally, Sahyadri Farms has promoted 48 FPCs each engaged with a specific horticulture crop or zone for pre-harvest and post-harvest activities. 

During the financial year, approximately 2,75,327 tonnes of produce from 40,000 acres, cultivated by 24,500 affiliated farmers, were processed and exported. The revenue included Rs 352 crore from exports and Rs 654 crore from domestic markets; 53 per cent of sales is from fresh category and 47 per cent from processed. Agricultural inputs and other business activities have also contributed to the turnover. 

Capital share and reserves

The company boasts a share capital of Rs 55.68 crore and reserves of Rs 256.87 crore. Furthermore, Sahyadri Farms has invested in infrastructure assets worth Rs 558 crore, and generated about 1,300 full-time jobs and 4,000 seasonal jobs. Member farmers said the Rs 1,000-crore milestone has instilled in them confidence and pride. 

Sahyadri Farms is recognised as India’s leading FPC in grape production and export, as well as tomato processing. It is also involved in the cultivation of pomegranate, banana, mango, orange, cashew, and sweetcorn. 

Fruits of collaboration
Total agricultural produce processed by Sahyadri Farms last year: 2,75,327 tonnes 
Tomato: 1,50,200 tonnes 
Grape: 48,706 tonnes 
Mango: 26,280 tonnes 
Banana: 24,104 tonnes 
Sweet corn: 5,300 tonnes
Other fruits: 20,000 tonnes 

“We have been dedicatedly fostering the growth of the horticulture value chain for the past 12 years, and it has now reached a pivotal juncture. Through this journey, we have not only achieved substantial progress but also nurtured a sense of self-confidence,” said Shinde.       

He said, “Much like the nation’s commendable global presence in the dairy sector, we are striving to replicate this success in horticulture. There is ample opportunity for collaboration within the agriculture sector, driven by unwavering commitment and a clear direction. I am confident that our efforts will serve as an inspiration to the young farmers in rural Maharashtra.” 

Vision and mission
Vilas Shinde, Chairman and Managing Director of Sahyadri Farms, addresses the company’s annual general meeting

Vilas Shinde, Chairman and Managing Director of Sahyadri Farms, addresses the company’s annual general meeting

Sahyadri’s vision is to empower smallholder farmers with the tools, knowledge, and practices needed to compete at the highest level, delivering top-tier fresh produce. Since its inception, Sahyadri has remained unwavering in its commitment to removing obstacles related to financing, technology adoption, and value addition for farmers, said Shinde.

Over time, Sahyadri’s self-contained infrastructure expanded to include an expert agro-advisory team, a state-of-the-art pack-house, cold storage facilities, and a robust technological backbone. It evolved into a centre for value addition, and creating and managing an agricultural value chain.