The National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management, Kundli (NIFTEM-K), in its effort to promote millets and millets-based products, has transferred the know-how of three formulations — puffs (millet and non-millet based), kurkure and nutriflakes meal to Jharkhand-based Interlink Food Pvt Ltd.

Technologies for the five baked products fiber-rich breads, muffins, soup sticks, biscuits (millet and non-millet based) especially for malnourished population, fiber-rich cookies for diabetics were transferred to One Life Foundation, New Delhi. NIFTEM Kundli undertook an industrial consultancy project funded by Interlink Foods Pvt Ltd under contract research scheme for developing new value-added products.

As an outcome of the project 13 formulations comprising of panjiri, ladoo mix, khichdi mix, vegetable khichdi, composite flour (sweet and salty) among others were developed and the technical know-how was transferred to the company. All the 21 formulations are curated and developed by Komal Chauhan, Head, Food Science & Technology and Anupama Singh, Head, Food Engineering, NIFTEM.

One-stop solution provider

In a statement, Harinder Singh Oberoi, Director, NIFTEM-K, said these technologies will uplift the millets and millets processing sector as a whole for making them available to the common people. NIFTEM-K is facilitating the industrial research, commercialisation and production of these products in its pilot plants. Prashant Kumar from Interlink Foods said Interlink and One Life foundation are using ready-to-eat and bakery pilot plants, respectively, for manufacturing these products at NIFTEM-K.

Oberoi further said NIFTEM-K is a one stop solution provider for all the food processing needs of the start-ups, entrepreneurs, MSME sector and also the food processing industry. This technology transfer is unique in the sense that the technologies were developed as a part of the industrial consultancy project. While developing these protocols, the scientists at NIFTEM developed few additional products, know-how of which was transferred to the same company which supported the consultancy project.

The company is producing the products using the NIFTEM pilot plant facilities without worrying or thinking about creating processing facilities and investing in capex. The products shall be regularly tested at Centre for Food Research and Analysis (CFRA) which is notified by FSSAI both as a primary and referral lab.

Kumar said Interlink was in talks with Haryana Agro for sale of the products as Haryana Agro Industries Corporation Ltd has 1,000 shops of its own where they sell such products at subsidised rates, besides positioning these products in different market segments.