NoBroker has launched a new conversational intelligence tool that is set to transform the way businesses interact with their customers called CallZen.AI  

The AI platform is an enterprise-ready B2B product that helps businesses with conversational insights from multiple Indian languages irrespective of context—calls, chats, or meetings. Notably, it offers features such as speaker identification, sentiment analysis, and entity recognition, even in mono-channel scenarios, enabling a deeper understanding of customer interactions.

According to the firm, the new platform will enable businesses to simplify this process with customizable call scoring and automated audits.

“Businesses will be able to handle millions of calls within minutes, uncovering valuable data-driven insights to improve customer service and drive business growth,” the company said. Utilising advanced machine learning models, it transcribes and extracts valuable insights from conversations conducted in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Marathi.

Additionally, it derives insights from customer-to-customer (C2C) and customer-to-partner (C2P) calls. For instance, it can determine if a taxi driver requested a ride cancellation or if customers closed a deal on a marketplace. Given the high volume of these C2C and C2P calls, manual auditing is impractical. CallZen.AI offers the capability to capture real-time insights, identify upsell opportunities, and seamlessly integrate them into CRM and marketing automation systems.

The AI platform is listed on Google Marketplace as an integrated solution vendor. Akhil Gupta, Co-founder and Chief Product and Technology Officer, NoBroker, said, “We saw the vast potential of AI in transforming the real estate landscape of India and leaped right in. It has taken us 5 years of hard work and multiple cycles of models and product revamps to automate almost all the conversational use cases within NoBroker, and some time ago, we realised that this can be extremely useful outside our platform too.”