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The NorthSouth Group was formed out of a concern for the persistence of poverty and vulnerability. Main areas of focus are adolescent health and development, youth employment, child protection, disability, gender equity and menís participation, and water and sanitation. We come from international agencies, NGOs, academia and government. Our mission is to collaborate with local partners and communities to improve the health and well-being of those at risk.

Gender equity and menís participation

Gender and Men's ParticipationWomen comprise seventy per cent of the world's poor. A majority of them face life-long lack of empowerment. The subordinate role of women and girls perpetuate the intergenerational cycle of poor health. The very high rates of child malnutrition and low birth weight are linked to such factors as women's poor access to education and their low levels of participation in the labor market. Although men are typically the decision-makers in families, behavior change programs, awareness raising, and empowerment campaigns usually address women and girls. New approaches are needed to ensure men’s participation towards achieving gender equality.



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The Niblock Charitable Trust is funding our work in Kenya to support orphans and vulnerable children.

ExxonMobil The NorthSouth Group receives a grant for its outreach work from the ExxonMobil Foundation.

NorthSouth Group Advisory Committee member Mariam Khokhar is awarded International Organization for Migration Director General's Award for her contribution to IOM's immediate earthquake response.

International Organization for Migration Award

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NorthSouth Group discusses human trafficking at the International Health Conference at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Human Trafficking

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