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The NorthSouth Group was formed out of a concern for the persistence of poverty and vulnerability. Main areas of focus are adolescent health and development, youth employment, child protection, disability, gender equity and menís participation, and water and sanitation. We come from international agencies, NGOs, academia and government. Our mission is to collaborate with local partners and communities to improve the health and well-being of those at risk.

Poverty reduction

School Feeding School Feeding Program Program

Malnutrition is high among children. School meals help meet short and long-term education, nutrition, and food security objectives in an area like this where food shortage is a norm. KUSARD and its partners promote and support a feeding program in Kilungu and Kyale Parishes, benefiting seventeen schools. The school feeding program encourages children to enroll in school and attend regularly because they are assured of a meal at school each day. It is also an incentive for parents to send their children to school because they know their children will eat well at school, particularly for those who are extremely poor.

HIV/AIDS Program
March 18th 2004 Free Clinic
HIV and AIDS disproportionately affect the poor and vulnerable and limited resources often prevent poor communities from supporting the millions who suffer.

Recognizing this need, KUSARD started a program that involves youth. Their role is to spread messages about HIV/AIDS to their peers and discourage risky behavior. KUSARD also helps individuals, families and communities as they struggle through the physical, economic, social and emotional ravages of the disease. By working with local and international partners KUSARD empowers people and communities to stem the tide of the pandemic.

Kituiuni Health Center Kituiuni Health Center

The people of Kituiuni have for many years lacked access to health services in this remote rural area. The nearest health was miles away and no transportation is available. People had to walk long distances to obtain medical services, their condition often worsening by the time they are seen by health personnel. Recognizing the severity of the problem, especially for children, the elderly, pregnant women and the sick, the founder of KUSARD, in partnership with donors in the US build a clinic in Kituiuni.

Kyale Computer Training Center
Kyale Computer Training Center
Computers have been installed in the Kyale Small Home of the Handicapped. These will be used in the Rural Computer Education Program. The Center in Kyale provides free computer education to those who cannot afford it.



Educational Fund for Needy ChildrenEducational Fund for Needy Children

Funds have been established to help needy children. Students are sponsored through university level studies. Graduates have been able to find jobs, contributing to their families’ livelihoods.




Kituiuni Youth Polytechnic

Kituiuni Village PolytechnicThe Youth Polytechnic provides training to young people who have completed primary school or high school and are unable to continue with education or find work. Unemployment among youth is high and the aim of the Polytechnic is to provide training in marketable skills. Here, courses focus on construction and dress making. Courses in business management will be added in order to help those who become self employed.

Water Project

The Kituiuni community Water Project aims to provide clean water for domestic use, irrigation and livestock. Water ProjectBeneficiaries include about 1000 households, two primary schools and one dispensary within a cross section of 15 km (approximately 9 miles). The local community has made available land, labor, sand, quarries and local timber in order to cover the setting of the water at the catchment point, putting up of three reservoir tanks, constructing water kiosks and piping. The second phase will include piping of water to designated areas, and kiosks and storage tanks will be constructed later as funds become available.


Environmental Conservation
Southern Kituiuni - Environmental Conservation
Lead by Kituiuni youth, a community sensitization program was initiated to conserve the environment. Self help groups were formed to establish tree nurseries and plant trees on farms, by government agencies, and along rivers. Ten self help groups are operating with the objectives to educate and empower communities to rehabilitate damaged areas, support agro forestry, and protect natural resources.      



The Niblock Charitable Trust is funding our work in Kenya to support orphans and vulnerable children.

ExxonMobil The NorthSouth Group receives a grant for its outreach work from the ExxonMobil Foundation.

NorthSouth Group Advisory Committee member Mariam Khokhar is awarded International Organization for Migration Director General's Award for her contribution to IOM's immediate earthquake response.

International Organization for Migration Award

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NorthSouth Group discusses human trafficking at the International Health Conference at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Human Trafficking

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